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What NOT To Do Early On: Online Dating

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

If you are already in an LDR or long-distance relationship, then this topic is not for you. But if you’re not already dating a Filipina, my advice is don’t start. Wait until you get there. There are many reasons as to why so let’s dive in.

Would you make a major purchase like a home or vehicle without viewing it firsthand? Most likely, no. So why do so with someone you are hoping to spend the rest of your life with? I’ve seen and heard of relationships that developed online and either they fizzled out (a waste of your time and resources) or when they finally met in person there was simply no spark or chemistry. Can some of these be successful? Sure. But these are the lucky minority.

You also run into the issue of the “immediate girlfriend” syndrome. Believe me, you’ll arrive at the Manilla or Cebu airport, and she will be there waiting for you, sometimes with family in tow. She will latch on to you and the last thing you will want after a 25-35+ hour flight is to be dragged around meeting other family members or taking them all out to dine. Believe me, after that flight you’re just going to want to check into your hotel or AirBNB and simply crash. Do that! Get a fresh start on your day, the next day.

The next day, that’s when the fun begins. Get yourself cleaned up. Then walk around, get your bearings, and see what The Philippines has to offer. You will find all kinds of opportunities. I will get more into dating when appropriate, this is more geared towards why you should wait.

Another reason to wait is that some of us are going to need to save as much as we can prior to making this journey. Put that money to good use. Save it for dating after you arrive, use towards your emergency fund, upgrade your flight from coach to business, or something that benefits you, not someone else.

You are going to be much better off seeing where you are going to set up camp for the long term. Then, find a lady there, as opposed to letting an online “relationship” dictate where you are going to live long-term.

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