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Have The Conversation

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

First things first. If you have close family and/or friends, you know you are going to have this retirement conversation with them. Some are going to pat you on the back and say they envy you. Some are going to say you’re crazy. I say that crazy is not pursuing something that makes you happy or brings you fulfillment.

Some are going to say it’s dangerous. Depending on where you live in the U.S., it is far more dangerous than The Philippines. Of course, there are very few places in The Philippines I would not recommend traveling to, let alone retiring to. But for the vast majority of The Philippines is safe, even safer than the west. Again, as a whole, the Filipino people are warm, welcoming and friendly.

When you have the conversation with those closest to you, you are probably going to get more congrats from some, and scrutiny from others. There has been a strong mindset shift in the U.S. You need to remain steadfast with “what is best for you”. If retiring to The Philippines is what you feel is best for you then don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. But it might be a good idea (and only you would know) to have these conversations early. It would be good to know where your support lies as you go through the necessary steps to make this move a success.

Coming up, What NOT to do early on (Online Dating)

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