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Cliff's Commentary

I intend to highlight the seemingly daily occurrences that are leading to our declining society! I will do my part to fight to save our society, our nation, from these WOKE extremists, RADICAL feminists and LEFTIST university tools who are further indoctrinating our youth down this path of destructive extremism! These Leftie Loonatics and their ideological agendas, including companies like Hallmark, Budweiser, Boeing, Ben & Jerry's, Planet Fitness, as well as the Hollywood Elites, all need to be held accountable. How about the dumpster fire that Disney has made with our beloved Star Wars, MCU and Indiana Jones franchises! And don't get me started on the attacks on our freedom of speech by many social media platforms. We have these leftist news organizations, such as The New York Post, MSNBC and CBS, to name just a few. Or shows like TYT, The Morning Joe and The View, with special shade thrown at Joy Behar, Joy Reid and Joe Scarborough. Let's not forget Bryan Tyler Cohen, who's YouTube show "No Lies" is ironically tragic! Fortunately, some are starting to come around like Ana Kasparian and Bill Maher.

The information I provide on this site are my own personal opinions based on my experiences and observations across many decades., as well as data gathered from publicly available sources. Nothing on this site, is to be taken as legal, financial or medical advice. I am not responsible for the opinions or comments of others. You should not act on nor rely upon any of the information contained herein without performing your own due diligence.

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