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About Cliff

Here's a little about who I am and
what you can expect to find here.


Cliff's Commentary

This website and YouTube Channel is for the discussion of relevant topics that impact our American way of life. Topics such as the effect that the woke political left is having on us all, everything from Immigration, Corruption, Indoctrination, Crime, National and World Politics and more. I hope to highlight these constant occurrences that are leading fast to our declining society, both here and abroad.

With your help, we will continue this fight to save our nation from ideologies of the leftist extremists who are determined to bring about the destruction of America!

Faction Of Men

Here is where we can all talk about the growing trends in the manosphere such as MGTOW, Expats, Passport Bros, and the recently popular Soft Guy Era trend (Drizzle Drizzle). As well as the negative repercussions of radical feminism to the positivity of the Trad Wife movement.

I'll continue to support those who have been misled by extreme radical feminist propaganda and a flawed justice system

Expat Life In The Philippines

As I get closer to retirement I've had to reflect on where the rest of my life would take me. With how this WOKE madness has progressed, it has made my goals quite clear. I've spent the past several years researching everything I'll need to know to make a successful move to The Philippines. Every day that goes by, I'm another day closer to retiring to this beautiful island paradise... Early 2025?

Once I'm situated in The Philippines, I'm going to highlight many of the exciting places I've visited, things to see and do, foods to enjoy, the costs involved and so much more. I'll also maintain an active "support system" for all those who have taken this journey with me or alone, and to help other expats in the long-term.

Are you ready?

Then, welcome to the party pal!

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